Online Maternal-Child Health Continuing Education

GOLD Conferences International hosts three annual online conferences as well as GOLD Learning Online Symposiums for maternal-child health care professionals. Through our unique online format, we provide virtual education from the world's leading researchers, clinicians, and educators. The GOLD format is appropriate for health care professionals who have limited time and/or budgets, and who want to remain close to their workplace and clients.

On the GOLD Learning website, browse our catalogue of lectures that are geared towards Nurses, Midwives, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, Neonatal Care Professionals, Obstetricians and other health care workers who provide care to women, infants and families. You’ll find we’ve assembled quite the mosaic of leading health care educators to assist with your continuing education needs.

You can search by the categories of presentations we have available: by the type of Credit you are seeking, by the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline, by Profession or by Speaker. As you browse, you are able to add individual presentations and / or specialized packages of presentations into your shopping cart.

With our strong focus on pairing stellar customer service with informative content, convenient online access and affordable pricing, we hope you enjoy all that GOLD Learning has to offer!

Featured Lectures

GOLD Learning Symposium Series

Caring for a family with a tongue-tied baby requires specialized knowledge and skills. Join us at the GOLD Learning Online Tongue-Tie Symposium 2023 to refine your fundamental skills by learning about how to assess for tongue-tie and identify differential diagnoses, the importance of anticipatory guidance and collaborative care, post frenotomy wound management and bodily autonomy, activities for... [learn more]

Presentations: 10 | Hours / CE Credits: 10 | Added: 17/04/2023
The Gift of Education!

This year for World Breastfeeding Week, GOLD is excited to embrace the theme of "Enabling Breastfeeding: Making a difference for working parents". We will be bringing you a new presentation from IBCLC Brandi Gates-Burgess titled "Lactation and Employment: How to Make Breastfeeding WORK". There are many factors that play a role in the discontinuation of breastfeeding after returning to work, ranging... [learn more]

Presentations: 1 | Hours / CE Credits: 1 | Added: 02/05/2023
  • I loved GOLD so much that you’d be happy to scream it from a mountaintop! I had a lot of scheduling and time restraints so I am so thankful for this virtual option. The vast array of speakers, the convenience of watching at my leisure and ability to earn CERPs was a great benefit. I have been able to immediately apply a lot of it in my role of public health lactation support.”
    Millie Goins, WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
    GOLD Lactation Online Conference Delegate
  • “The GOLD audience is receptive, fun, engaged and excited. I really appreciate the kinds of questions I am asked and how receptive the audience is to the kind of presentation content I provide. Very few conferences want a presenter to do the off the beaten track material I like to present. I will keep coming back as long as GOLD will have me!”
    Alison K. Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA, CST, RCST
    GOLD Lactation Online Conference Speaker
  • “Having participated as a speaker at the last two GOLD Conferences has been one of the highlights of my career. The GOLD staff is one of a kind. We not only worked hard together but also had a lot of fun doing so. I have made so many friends in such a short time, not only with my GOLD contacts, but also with so many dedicated and wonderful GOLD participants.”
    Dr. Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP
    GOLD Lactation Conference Speaker
  • “I love the flexibility and availability of your conferences, and with my director’s hat on – the cost versus pricey travel, accommodations, etc. and the flexibility for attendance with people’s busy schedules has been awesome. I think it’s a great model and you have perfected the technology to have it run off well.”
    Suzanne H. Campbell, PhD, RN, IBCLC
    Director and Associate Professor
    School of Nursing. The University of British Columbia
  • “Getting education out to people who can't manage to travel to distant locations or take time off work, or afford the childcare fees they would incur if they had to attend in person, is so important and the difference these GOLD conferences make is invaluable. I have minimal computer skills but the format for attending makes it so easy for me to enjoy the benefits of the conferences.”
    Elizabeth Common, Midwife / Lactation Consultant
    The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne Neonatal Unit
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GOLD Learning Updates & Industry News

  • Apr 10
    Level Up Your Lactation Education at GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2023!
    GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2023 marks our 17th annual event! Our conference is a highlight for the international lactation community, bringing together over 4500 attendees from 90+ countries. This year’s program is packed with top expert speakers. Their top-tier presentations cover a wide variety of leading and emerging topics in lactation. With engaging presentations, interactive components, downloadable handouts, and live Q...
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  • Apr 10
    GOLD Lactation 2023: Learn the Latest from Lactation Experts!
    The GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2023 has begun and we're excited to share this year’s top-tier program with you! We’ve brought together leading international lactation experts to share the biggest and latest topics from the field. Join us online now until June 30 for this inspiring and informative online conference! This year marks our 17th annual event, and the...
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Jun 15
15-06-202315-06-2023Lactation 2023 Registration Close Date

Final day to register for the GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2023!

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Jun 20
20-06-202320-06-2023Neonatal 2023 Closing Keynote Speaker

Join us for the FREE GOLD Neonatal 2023 closing keynote presentation with Dr. Mark Johnson, "Optimizing Growth and Body Composition in Preterm Infants: Approaches to Neonatal Nutritional Care in Clinical Practice". This keynote is open to the public.

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Jul 14
14-07-202314-07-2023Neonatal 2023 Registration Close Date

Final day to register for the GOLD Neonatal Online Conference 2023!

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Jul 25
25-07-202325-07-2023GOLD Learning Day Summer 2023 - EB End

Early Bird Registration for the GOLD Learning Day: Advancing Lactation Skills Through Clinical Case Studies ends July 25, 2023.

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Aug 1
01-08-202301-08-2023WBW 2023 Save the Date

Save the date! Join us for a FREE webinar for World Breastfeeding Week with Brandi Gates-Burgess, IBCLC, titled, "Lactation and Employment: How to Make Breastfeeding WORK" on August 1st.

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Aug 8
08-08-202308-08-2023GOLD Learning Day Summer 2023

Join us for GOLD Learning Day: Advancing Lactation Skills Through Clinical Case Studies - 3 Presentations by Shonte' Terhune-Smith, Allyson Wessells, and Anna Le Grange!

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Aug 31
31-08-202331-08-2023Tongue-Tie 2023 Live Day 1 - EB End

Early Bird Registration for GOLD Learning Tongue-Tie Online Symposium 2023 ends Aug. 31, 2023!

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Sep 11
11-09-202311-09-2023Tongue-Tie 2023 Live Day 1

Join us live for Day 1 of the GOLD Learning Tongue-Tie Online Symposium 2023 focusing on Fundamental Skills.

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Sep 11
11-09-202311-09-2023Early Years Symposium 2023 - EB End

Early Bird Registration for the GOLD Early Years Symposium 2023 ends Sep. 11, 2023.

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Sep 12
12-09-202312-09-2023Tongue-Tie 2023 Live Day 2

Join us live for Day 2 of the GOLD Learning Tongue-Tie Online Symposium 2023 focusing on Advancing Our Understanding.

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Sep 25
25-09-202325-09-2023Early Years Symposium 2023

Join us for the GOLD Early Years Symposium 2023! This evidence-based continuing education is for healthcare practitioners who work with families and young children aged 0-3 years.

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Oct 1
01-10-202301-10-2023Labour & Delivery Symposium 2023- EB End

Early Bird Registration for the GOLD Labour & Delivery Symposium 2023 ends Oct. 1, 2023.

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Oct 16
16-10-202316-10-2023Labour & Delivery Symposium 2023

Join us for the GOLD Labour & Delivery Symposium 2023! This symposium will provide the latest evidence-based continuing education for health care professionals working with birthing families.

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