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Create a Group & Save!

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to share the GOLD Learning experience with your friends and colleagues! Put together a group you will all qualify for additional discounts towards our Symposiums, GOLD Learning Day Webinars & Lecture Packs. Please refer to the minimum group size and pricing for the product or event that you are interested in, which will be specified on the product. If not, the minimum group size will be 10+ participants and group pricing will be 10% off for each person.

On this page, you will find some tools and tips you can use to help organize and register your group! Please contact us with any questions or requests you may have about group registration. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit your group or learn more.

  1. Download our Group Registration Form (General) - Click Here
    • Specify the product your group would like to attend.
    • Provide information on First Name, Last Name & Email Address.

    Download Group Registration Forms for our upcoming symposiums:
    Tongue-Tie Online Symposium 2023
    Early Years Online Symposium 2023
    Labour & Delivery Online Symposium 2023

  2. SHARE!
    • Share the product link with your colleagues via in-person, social media or email to generate interest.
    • Submit a request to your department/ Education Director for funding (let us know how we can help here).
  3. Submit Your Group
    • Send us your excel spreadsheet.
    • We'll send you an invoice with instructions on how to complete your group payment.
  4. Payment
    • Collect payment from your members - We suggest Paypal or direct fund transfers. Note that Paypal does apply additional fees to the receiver.
    • Submit payment via Credit Card, Check or Wire Transfer.
  5. Start Viewing!
    • Our team will manually process your order and setup accounts for each member of your group. They will be provided individual accounts in order to access lectures and collect their individual certificates.
    • Discuss presentations with your colleagues & enjoy!


  • Groups consist of 10 or more members unless specified on the product. The price on the registration page is the cost per person.
  • Will your organization be paying for your group? We can generate the required invoice/documents to initiate a purchase order. Please contact us for assistance.
  • On the final step, select an offline payment option (Wire Transfer or Cheque). Please note that your group will not receive conference access until the payment has been cleared.
  • Once payment has been cleared, all your members are automatically sent emails with their username and password.
  • I'm close but I was not able to find a total of 10 members. - Contact Us! We'll make it work for you :)

Collecting Money

  • PayPal is a great way to collect money from group members that are not close by. Please note that PayPal transactions may incur small fees to receive and send money. If you use this method, please let us know if you are incurring fees and we will deduct it from your total.
  • If you are collecting payment from colleagues in multiple currencies, please only pay us in USD. If you incur fees or discrepancies due to converting currencies to USD, please let us know and we will deduct it from your total.
  • If you are having trouble collecting funds before a deadline, or if a colleague insists on paying us personally, please contact us and we can explore additional options.