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Lectures by IBCLC Outline

Continuing education, guided by the CE Self-Assessment, is crucial for IBCLCs to demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge and skills required to practice as an IBCLC. Every IBCLC is required to take the CE Self-Assessment to identify their competencies based on the current IBCLC Detailed Content Outline. After completing the assessment, IBCLCs must use the Personalized Professional Development Plan (PPDP) generated by the CE Self-Assessment to determine the areas that require improvement and develop a plan to complete 75 CERPs.

To find presentations that are applicable to your needs, you have two options based on your CE Self-Assessment results:

  • If you're looking for a package or bundle with one IBCLC Detailed Content Outline category, we recommend purchasing one of our dedicated packages through the button below.
Detailed Content Lecture Packages

  • If you're looking for a package or bundle with several CERPs categories, we recommend using our PDF to identify the most suitable package.
Detailed Content Outline List

  • Alternatively, you can select the categories from the list below to view individual lectures available on GOLD Learning. Simply click on the applicable category, add the relevant presentations to your cart, and proceed to checkout.