Alumni Status Lookup

Year after year, you've turned to our GOLD Conferences to stay up to date on the latest education and now you're about to become part of a very special group of GOLD Delegates. To recognize and thank our long-term Delegates those that that attend 5 or more Conferences receive the status of 'GOLD Alumni"! Once you acheive this status, you're Alumni with us for life! The Alumni status entitles our long-term learners special recognition and complimentary access at our annual 'GOLD Alumni Presentations'. You'll enjoy new presentations from past Alumni Speakers and are eligible for free educational credits for your participation. Would you like to find out how many conferences you have attended and are eligible for Alumni Status? Enter your GOLD Learning associated email address below and find out!

Is the total count above incorrect? Please make sure you are using the correct email address that you have used while attending GOLD Conferences. If the total is not correct, please contact us and let us know which Conferences & years you participated in.