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The Good Life Learning

GOLD Learning proudly partnered with The Good Life Learning.

The Good Life Learning was created by Dr. Lynn Gerner after more than 16 years in her pediatric-focused Chiropractic practice for the purpose of bridging the gap between the "complimentary" bodywork therapies and the traditional medical world. While in private practice, Dr. Gerner recognized the need to both educate other Chiropractors to gain the unique skills to assess/address the structure/function aspect of infant breastfeeding, and to educate Lactation professionals that such work is a valuable part of best care practice.

The Good Life Learning offers continuing education courses for both Chiropractors and Lactation Consultants to unravel the infant physiology and neurology as it pertains to breastfeeding and to provide evidence-based research to validate the collaboration. The Good Life Learning offers both online, pre-recorded workshops for all Lactation professionals, virtual seminars, and hands-on exam and technique training for Chiropractors and bodyworkers. Dr. Gerner continues to practice F/T in Davis, CA and is Post Graduate faculty at Life Chiropractic College, West. She is currently pursuing her IBCLC in order to keep both her patient care and The Good Life Learning training courses up to date with current research and best practice models.

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The Anatomy of Breastfeeding Lecture Pack

Do you recognize physical barriers to a baby’s ability to breastfeed but are not able to understand or identify the problem? The course is designed to help you to identify cranial, spinal, muscular ...
Dr. Lynn Gerner, D.C., FICPA
Introductions and Establishing the Value of Integration
Dr. Lynn Gerner, D.C., FICPA
Nitty Gritty Anatomy: The Cranium, Supporting Structure and the Muscle Layer
Dr. Lynn Gerner, D.C., FICPA
Cranial Nerves, the Dural System and Neurology
Dr. Lynn Gerner, D.C., FICPA
Tying It All Together- Consequences of Pathology and Ideal Collaboration
Presentations: 4  |  Hours / CE Credits: 4 (details)  |   Viewing Time: 4 Weeks  |   Added: 10/12/2021