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Join us in welcoming our newest member of the GOLD Learning Online Education family, Raissa Dickinson!

Raissa holds a Masters of Public Health from the University of British Columbia with a focus on maternal-child health. She previously worked in a rural Indigenous community in the Northwest Territories of Canada, where she conducted community based action research to determine the rate of exclusive breastfeeding. In this role she also worked with a local advisory committee to develop two health promotion tools to disseminate culturally relevant breastfeeding education.

Raissa is joining us as our online Event Manager for GOLD Learning Online Continuing Education as well as all three of our online conferences (GOLD Lactation, GOLD Perinatal, GOLD Midwifery). She will be providing customer support to the GOLD community, assist with speaker management, and over all, help ensure that GOLD Learning events continue to run smoothly and are enjoyable for all delegates!

If you wish to contact Raissa she can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the Team Kristin!

GOLD Learning Online Education is pleased to welcome Kristin Schwarz to our team!

Kristin hails from Florida and holds a midwifery degree from the International Institute for Health Care Professionals and holds a Florida midwifery license.  Kristin is also a certified childbirth educator, CAPPA Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Educator, and a bereavement Doula serving families during the challenging times of loss.

After the birth of her first daughter, who suffered from severe “colic,” Kristin is dedicated to help new parents ease into parenthood.  Kristin feels that education is the key for moms to making the best choices for their bodies and their babies and she is passionate sharing her knowledge with the community.

Kristen joins GOLD Learning as a Master of Ceremonies alongside Fiona Lang-Sharpe and Fleur Bickford.  She is one of the first voices you will hear while attending GOLD Learning online events and conferences, including (GOLD Lactation, GOLD Perinatal, and GOLD Midwifery.  Kristin’s role is to introduce speakers, facilitate question and answer periods and overall, to make sure the GOLD Learning community has a wonderful online educational experience! 

Join us in welcoming Kristin to the team – Were sure you’ll be hearing from her soon!

Join us on September 12th as we kick off our GOLD Learning Online Symposiums with 5 wonderful talks that will have you sharpening your skills on Childbirth Education. This event will highlight some of the latest research and trends in childbirth education. We look forward to a fascinating day - updating our clinical knowledge and skills with a particular focus on how to present information to the families we work with. This symposium is perfect for anyone who provides prenatal education to families.

If you're not able to attend on the 12th, you'll have 4 weeks of unlimited access to the recordings of these presentations. Post questions during our Q&A sessions or on our online forums. Download Handouts & Interact with a vibrant GOLD Learning Community.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with our Speakers recently and asking them a few questions about their upcoming presentation. Scroll down to play each of their interviews!

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Schedule:   Live September 12, 2016
Recording Access Time: 4 Weeks.
Education:   5 hours (CNEs, ICEA, Lamaze, MEAC Midwifery, CERPs (1L, 4R) applied for.
On Demand:   Play, pause, rewind & re-watch presentations.
Handouts:   Download/Print materials, slides & references provided by the Speakers.
Forums & Chat:   Post questions to Speakers or chat with colleagues online.
Q&A:   Live question & answer session after each talk. View the recordings of all the live Question & Answer Sessions.
Registration:   Early Bird Registration: $60 USD. Regular Registration begins September 2nd ($75 USD). 10% discount for GOLD Annual Members.

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