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Demystifying Inducing Lactation: How Lactation Happens Without Pregnancy and Birth

by Alyssa Schnell, MS, IBCLC
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 L-CERP, 1 Nurse Contact Hours, 1 CME
  • Handout: Yes

Inducing lactation may seem like milk-making magic. How can the breasts make milk without the hormones of pregnancy followed by the hormonal shift that happens with birth? We can use what is already well known about the endocrinology of lactation in general to understand how lactation happens in this very special circumstance. Parents inducing lactation may also present with more diverse hormonal profiles -- think PCOS, post-menopause, trans woman, or intersex – and all these extraordinary parents can be supported with a flexible and customizable plan to make milk. The human body is amazingly adaptable, which is so clear when a person is lactating without gestating!

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the hormonal changes that take place during the different stages of lactogenesis.
2. Explain how to use The Three Step Framework for Inducing LactationTM to develop an individualized plan for inducing lactation.
3. Describe how to adjust individual plans for inducing lactation based on various hormonal and anatomical profiles.

Presentations: 3  |  Hours / CE Credits: 3  |  Viewing Time: 6 Weeks