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NARM Midwifery Bridge Certificate CEUs

We are thrilled to have our GOLD Learning Midwifery Bridge Program available! Our program is specifically designed to assist you in fulfilling the accredited continuing education contact hours needed to obtain the NARM Midwifery Bridge Certificate and meet CPM recertification requirements.

In order to obtain the Midwifery Bridge certificate, it is necessary to complete 50 accredited continuing education hours within the five-year period prior to your application. Additionally, recertification is required every three years. Our program aims to support you in accumulating the required hours and is structured into individual lectures and packages that correspond to the three mandatory categories. For more detailed information on certification requirements and categories, we encourage you to refer to NARM's guidelines .

To enrol in the program, simply choose the product that interests you, add it to your cart, and proceed through the checkout process. Once you have successfully registered, log in to our lecture library where you can access the talk you selected from the Open Presentations section. We hope you enjoy the program and find it valuable in your professional journey!

NARM Midwifery Bridge Certificate CEU Categories

Category 1
Emergency Skills in Pregnancy, Birth & the Immediate Postpartum

Category 2
Emergency Skills for Newborn Care

Category 3
Specific Topics Relevant to Midwifery Care