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Access the latest clinical skills and research for Lactation & Fertility for Lactation & Breastfeeding professional training. These Lactation & Fertility online courses provide practice-changing skills and valuable perspectives from leading global experts. This Lactation & Fertility education has been accredited for a variety of CEUs / CERPs and can be accessed on-demand, at your own pace.

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Northern Ireland Carol Smyth, IBCLC, MBACP, BABCP

Carol Smyth is an IBCLC and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist working in both Primary Care and in private practice in Northern Ireland. With a background in psychology she is driven by a passion to promote attachment based and trauma informed care to families and babies. She is the author of the Why Infant Reflux Matters book, both an HCP education resource and a self-help book for families worried about their baby’s reflux and unsettled behaviours. When working with parents she aims to increase understanding of normal (often misunderstood) baby behaviours and to explain why these are often different from what we expect. This understanding helps to lower parental anxiety and promotes attachment strategies proven to reduce crying.

Northern Ireland Carol Smyth, IBCLC, MBACP, BABCP

The impact of breastfeeding on fertility has been neglected by research in recent years. There can be significant variation in when the menstrual cycle returns for parents, which can impact their plans for family expansion. Some who conceived easily before breastfeeding, can find it much more difficult to conceive while breastfeeding. Some who struggle with recurrent miscarriage can wonder if breastfeeding is impacting their ability to carry to term. Many are left wondering whether to wean their nursling in order to conceive again, which can be a very difficult decision to make, when that conception is uncertain. This presentation will review the research on how breastfeeding affects the menstrual cycle, how fertility is initially suppressed and how it returns, the ongoing effect that breastfeeding can have on fertility, how to use breastfeeding as a contraceptive method (if desired), how to maximise chances of conception (if desired) and whether it may affect a pregnancy after conception has occurred.

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