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Pregnancy and Trauma Online Course(s) & Continuing Education

Access the latest clinical skills and research for Pregnancy and Trauma for PREGNANCY, LABOUR & CHILDBIRTH professional training. These Pregnancy and Trauma online courses provide practice-changing skills and valuable perspectives from leading global experts. This Pregnancy and Trauma education has been accredited for a variety of CEUs / CERPs and can be accessed on-demand, at your own pace.

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Kamilla Gerhard Nielsen is as obstetrician and psychotherapist part of the delivery unit in Aabenraa in Southern Denmark. A unit that has worked towards minimizing intervention in a safe environment with good outcome for mother and child. After joint effort from doctors and midwifes the department now has a cesarean section rate of 13 %, which is the lowest in Denmark. The rate of elective cesarean is 3 % and the unit has a high rating of satisfaction in Denmark from women giving birth.

Kamilla teaches with in several countries on the Upright Breech Birth, Fear of Childbirth and Occiput Posterior workshops. All theoretical and practical workshops with the aim of reducing unnecessary intervention in childbirth.


Fear of childbirth can have significant impacts and it’s important for care providers to be familiar with effective methods of management. It is central that the couple is not only met by a solution of planned cesarean section as a treatment. With tools and cases, you will learn how to help clients determine the details of their fear, how to work through previous traumatic experiences and increase the feeling of safety that is often central in the problem. Also addressed will be ways to prevent trauma during birth which can help reduce the risk of fear of childbirth in subsequent pregnancies.

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GOLD Learning Symposium Series, Midwifery Bridge CEUs
Presentations: 8  |  Hours / CE Credits: 8  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks
Hours / Credits: 1 (details)
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Molly Dutton-Kenny is an American & Canadian midwife. Trained in the USA in community homebirth midwifery, she now makes Canada her home and practices as a Registered Midwife with her loving family & community. She supports education for midwifery students through National Midwifery Institute, and community education around full spectrum pregnancy loss and abortion, respectful pelvic exams, and midwifery-based management and support of these experiences, centering home and holistic medicine as options for most people. You can read more about her work at  


Pelvic Exams are so commonplace in midwifery practice that we often fail to appreciate their significance in our client’s lives. Pelvic exams have the potential for both trauma and trust-building in the midwife-client relationship.

Trauma manifests in our clients lives and bodies in a myriad of ways. Statistically, a majority of our clients have experienced various direct traumas in their lives, with a significant portion focused on pelvic trauma & assault. Additionally, clients hold the epigenetic trauma from historical wrongs in gynecology and treatment of bodies in various lineages as a result of white supremacy and toxic patriarchy.

All bodies deserve respectful care. When done carefully, pelvic exams have the potential to be safe, trust-building experiences with the benefit of seeking key medical information. Together, we will interrogate the common pelvic exam from a trauma-informed lens and consider our practices carefully. We will build strategies for respectful pelvic exams, including managing pain & anxiety in clients, what to do when clients do (and don’t!) disclose past trauma, avoiding triggers, and consider modifications to our own practices.

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Presentations: 15  |  Hours / CE Credits: 15.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks
Presentations: 1  |  Hours / CE Credits: 1  |  Viewing Time: 2 Weeks
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