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Barbara D. Robertson, BA, MA, IBCLC, RLC, LLL

  • Speaker Type: Tools of the Lactation Trade Lecture Pack
  • Country: USA

Barbara D. Robertson, IBCLC, has been involved in education for over 29 years. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 1988 and her Master’s in Education in 1995. Barbara left teaching elementary students in 1995 to raise her two children. Barbara is now the Director of The Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor. Barbara has developed a 90 hour professional lactation training, a 20 hour course which fulfills the "Baby Friendly" education requirements, and is a speaker for hire on a wide variety of topics including Motivational Interviewing. Barbara volunteered for the United States Lactation Consultation Association as the Director of Professional Development for 4.5 years. She just retired as Associate Editor for Clinical Lactation, a journal she helped create for USLCA. Barbara has free podcasts, a blog, and Youtube videos which can all be found on her website She has written many articles and created a phone app for working and breastfeeding mothers. She loves working with mothers and babies, helping them with breastfeeding problems in whatever way she can.

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The Great Nipple Shield Debate
Most IBCLCs interact with nipple shields in their work whether a family has brought one in that they are already using or they have suggested using this tool themselves. Are we using them too much or too little? When does it make sense to use this tool? Some lactation consultations say never and some give them out too often. In this session, a brief history of nipple shields will be presented along with the possible reason one might use a nipple shield. The pros and cons of nipple shield use in clinical settings will be debated. Finally, the latest research will be discussed to determine which clinical experiences are grounded in best practice.
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