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Dr. Widarni Rifan, MD, MARS

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2017
  • Country: Indonesia

I am a wife and mother of two breastfed children. I was a general practitioner and am currently more focused on helping mothers to breastfeed. I work at Puri Cinere Hospital and Kemang Medical Care Women and Children as a lactation counselor. I currently on leave due to accompany my husband school in United State for his PhD programs. Since 2009, I've been helping mothers who have difficulties breastfeeding. It is a delight when we meet during tough times, then met again once their breastfed child are big and smart, and most importantly successfully breastfed. My desire is to help mothers to breastfed wherever I live in this world.

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Lactation helpline in Indonesia: is it needed?
Good doctor–patient communication is essential for positive health care outcomes. Ideal doctor–patient communication generally is reflected in a partnership communication style. However, in Southeast Asian settings, we often see a more one-way style with little input from the patient. Helpline services is breaking the ice, and is considered a new option modality for patients in Indonesia. The ease in contacting medical professionals through phone and text messages seems more comfortable, personal and inexpensive. Breastfeeding support via a helpline helps mother to feel reassured, confident and more determined to continue breastfeeding, and in majority of occasions resolves their particular concerns. Lactation Clinic in Puri Cinere Hospital, Depok, West Java, Indonesia was established in August 2011 and operated a helpline since the beginning of its establishment. Helpline service is open 24 hours daily, through phone, text messages, whatsapp, or blackberry messenger directly to doctors who are also breastfeeding counselors. There are six doctors who take turns every month to receive calls and reply to messages. Helpline numbers are distributed to patients during post natal rounds or at patients doctors appointments in lactation clinic. A longitudinal study conducted in March to December 2014 shows 202 helpline cases in 9 months. There were 29 cases (14%) questioning EBM handling, 24 cases (12%) asking about complementary feeding, 19 cases (9%) of infant stool, 19 cases (9%) medication and mother's milk, 15 cases (7%) frenotomy after care and other various problems. 63% cases were successful managed via helpline, and 37% cases were referred to the Lactation Clinic to get further help. There were many cases resolved through helpline calls and messages. High success rate of helpline management shows that helpline program is effective to help mothers and resolved their particular concerns; especially in Indonesia.
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