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Prashant Gangal, MD, DCH, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Learning Day 2023 (Winter)
  • Country: India

Dr. Gangal is a Pediatrician, Breastfeeding Trainer & Advocate in Mumbai for 30 years. He has been Mother Support-Training Coordinator of BPNI Maharashtra (1995), Co-Coordinator of Mother Support Working Group of WABA (2003) & Lactation Consultant (2009). He was chairman of Global Collaboration Committee of ILCA (2018).

He was trained by Dr. Felicity Savage. He established the first Mother Support Group in India (1995) and played a key role in training 500 Traditional Massage Women, Breast crawl rejuvenation, training Government Health Workers in 7 Indian States with an innovative module with UNICEF and organizing IBLCE exam for the first time in India (2009). He contributed to LLLI publication ‘Hirkani’s Daughters’, facilitated Lactation Counselling in 85 Maternity Facilities, organizing 8 batches of Lactation Education to facilitate about 100 Lactation Consultants, the creation of the Android app ‘Shishuposhan,’ and played a major role in launching the website

Dr. Gangal has multiple publications & was a speaker at LLLI conferences in San Francisco and Chicago. He was honored with Dr. N. B. Kumta Award by BPNI Maharashtra, Lifetime Achievement Award by Mumbai Breastfeeding Promotion Committee & WABA Secretariat award. He spoke on Breast Crawl & WHO Growth Charts (2016) at GOLD Conferences.

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Healthy Babies: What We Can Learn from Infant Growth Charts
Infancy is a period of rapid growth & development. Any adversity has a profound impact on physical, mental & psychological outcomes for entire life. Growth Charts are the meter of infant’s Nutrition-Health-Nurturing & reflect any adversity. Hence, tracking infant growth is important. The World Health Organization (WHO) released new international growth standards in 2006 to monitor growth of children 0-59 months of age. All Health Care Providers should use these charts to complement Infant & Young Child Nutrition (IYCN) Counselling. Every growth chart has a story to tell. I found WHO growth charts to be accurate and extremely useful for knowing past events and use the information to promote optimal growth and development in future. Every contact with the child in general & especially immunization is an opportunity to discuss nutrition & development. The concepts of Severe Acute Malnutrition and Mild Acute Malnutrition (SAM-MAM) need to be understood. The Infant feeding professionals should also understand science behind WHO Growth Charts and how to use this information for ideal IYCN Counselling. Prematurely born infants need different charts for monitoring growth during infancy & experts need to be aware about the current concepts & opinions of monitoring growth of Premature & Low Birth Weight infants. Impact of individual components of breastmilk on growth is the new science frontier.
Presentations: 3  |  Hours / CE Credits: 3  |  Viewing Time: 6 Weeks