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GOLD Learning Speakers

United States

Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Midwifery 2019, 2019
  • Country: United States

Sarita Bennett, DO, CPM is an Osteopathic Family Practice Physician and Certified Professional Midwife who began studying and practicing the Midwives Model of Care™ over 30 years ago. After working as an illegal home birth midwife for 15 years, she entered the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, completed a family medicine residency with a strong women’s and children’s health component and went into private practice, providing family medicine and midwifery services in rural Appalachia. Sarita currently practices in Charlottesville, VA, providing midwifery services at home and in her birth center, Winding River Birth Center. She mentors students through her program, the Academy of Experiential Midwifery Education, and is always willing to talk about pretty much any aspect of midwifery. She is currently the Vice President of MANA.

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Ready, Response-able, Resilient; Handling Complications & Emergencies
This session addresses the competencies midwives need to manage complications and emergencies regardless of the situation, and when or where it occurs. How do we prepare for the many possibilities that can come a midwife’s way and feel confident in our abilities to think on our feet and work together for optimal outcomes? How do we improve our teamwork and ability to respond? After an emergency is over, what tools can we use to evaluate how to improve our practice? How do we heal our own trauma? We will take a look at ways to answer these questions with a focus on improving communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.
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Presentations: 13  |  Hours / CE Credits: 13.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks
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Note: Currently only available through a bundled series of lectures
Understanding Shocks as it Relates to Estimated Blood Loss
In this workshop we will discuss the causes and manifestations of shock including understanding the difference between vasovagal syncope and hypovolemic shock. Rather than relying on subjective measurements of estimated blood loss and applying one definition of postpartum hemorrhage to all pregnant people regardless of size, we will turn to a critical care understanding of classifications of hemorrhage based on percentage of total blood volume. Using this more individualized way to determine blood loss, we will use several examples to look at how different weights can impact how much blood loss can be tolerated.
Presentations: 5  |  Hours / CE Credits: 5  |  Viewing Time: 5 Weeks
Hours / CE Credits: 1 (details)  |  Categories: Midwifery