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GOLD Learning Speakers

United States

Adrienne Leeds, CPM, CCH

  • Speaker Type: Managing Complications During Birth Lecture Pack 2019 , GOLD Midwifery 2020
  • Country: United States

Adrienne Leeds is a Certified Professional Midwife and Clinical Herbalist. After numerous women told her she had ""midwife energy"" she heeded the calling. Adrienne has studied birth and women's health with Wise Womanhood, The Matrona, The Association of Texas Midwives' Midwifery Training Program, Ysha Oakes’ Sacred Window, and Dr. Rosita Arvigo. She is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies' 3-year Clinical Herbalism program. Adrienne apprenticed with two homebirth midwives and completed a month-long midwifery internship at a teaching hospital in Cusco, Peru. She is a married mother of two homebirthed children.

CE Library Presentation(s) Available Online:
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Preeclampsia And Nutrition: Separating Fact From Fiction
Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy affect up to 10% of all pregnancies and are responsible for 50-76,000 global maternal deaths annually. In this presentation we will review the definitions, etiology, clinical signs and management guidelines for Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy. We’ll learn the origins of the Brewer Pregnancy Diet recommended by many midwives and childbirth educators to promote a healthy pregnancy, and discuss its strengths and needs as a modern template for prenatal nutrition. Bringing it all together, we will examine current evidence for nutritional interventions on pre-eclampsia/hypertensive disorders.
Hours / CE Credits: (details)  |  Categories: Hypertension
This Presentation is Currently Offline
Postpartum Thyroiditis
Postpartum thyroiditis affects 5 - 10% of women in the USA and 1 in 12 women worldwide. Possessing a quite variable presentation, it can manifest as hyper- or hypothyroidism alone, or as a period of hyperthyroid followed by hypothyroid. Treatment is complicated by the breastfeeding dyad. Prescription medications as well as complementary and alternative therapies may be considered.
Hours / CE Credits: 1 (details)  |  Categories: (IBCLC) Maternal, Thyroiditis