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GOLD Learning Speakers

United States

Miriam Zoila Pérez, Doula, LMT

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Perinatal 2017
  • Country: United States

Miriam Zoila Pérez is a Cuban-American writer and activist whose work has focused on the themes of race, gender and health for over a decade. Pérez has spent much of the last ten years writing about these topics for outlets like Colorlines, Fusion, Rewire and Talking Points Memo. They recently gave a TED talk about how racism impacts maternal health.

Pérez is trained in the healing modalities of doula and massage therapist, and has helped foster the movement of full spectrum doula work. Pérez is the founder of Radical Doula, a website that connects the dots between social justice and birth activism, and the author of the popular Radical Doula Guide: A Political Primer for Full Spectrum Pregnancy and Childbirth Support, which has sold over 2500 copies.

CE Library Presentation(s) Available Online:
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Providing Radically Compassionate & Inclusive Care
This presentation will provide an overview on working with marginalized populations in an inclusive and compassionate way. Pérez will share from her expertise as a doula, massage therapist and activist on how to bring the most radically compassionate care to the LGBT population, with an emphasis on queer and trans clients. She will also explain how research on the impact of discrimination on health can better inform your work with marginalized communities.