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Jenny Clarke, NHS Midwife

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Midwifery 2017
  • Country: GB

Jenny Clarke is a full time clinical midwife, her experience as a midwife has led to a passion and interest about the physiology of skin to skin contact. Jenny loves presenting and sees this as an intrinsic part of her role – to pass the baton of midwifery to future midwives.A llarge part of Jenny’s extramural work is centred around how to improve skin to skin contact rates for the newborn and the mother in all birth settings including the operating theatre. The platform of social media is a key part of Jenny’s life and helps her to connect with others who are working hard to raise the profile of maternity services. In the 21st Century the importance of digital community cannot be underestimated to help spread evidence, question practice, gain courage and inspire others - something which Jenny strives to achieve through her skin to skin work.

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Skin to skin – Is it really happening?
This presentation will look at current recommendations for skin to skin contact from UNICEF and WHO and explore why current modern systems do not support implementation in practice. I will look at the barriers and the drivers, and tell my own story of change. I will also discuss the phenomenon of social media and how sharing good practice through this medium connects maternity workers with women of the world. Also we will discuss why being a health care radical helps me to question practice and speak out for women and newborns.
Presentations: 13  |  Hours / CE Credits: 13.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks
Hours / CE Credits: 1 (details)  |  Categories: Skin to Skin & Kangaroo Care