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Nikki Riemann, BHlthSc, LLB, GDLP, BTeach(Sec), RMT Consultant

  • Speaker Type: Early Years Symposium 2023
  • Country: Australia

Nikki is mum to 3 wonderful boys, one with significant physical disability. Diving deep into the world of disability, child development and neurobiology due to her son's Cerebral Palsy, Nikki learnt to look beyond standard protocols when seeking interventions for her family to find additional knowledge and understanding that can be incorporated with traditional approaches to enhance and personalise therapy and care. This approach ultimately led Nikki to discover the power of primitive reflex integration.

Nikki deeply believes that life and circumstances, no matter how entrenched they seem, can always be improved. She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work with families and individuals to realise the individuality of each family member and discover the increased health, development and ease that's achievable.

Nikki began her journey with Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) in Melbourne in 2013 and was astounded with the positive changes such an easy and small intervention could make. She has since worked with adults and children, using RMT, to integrate retained primitive reflexes and to ease their associated challenges. She particularly enjoys working with children and delights in seeing them actively participate in the sessions and very quickly own and take control of their sessions. The profound improvements and changes they see and feel in their bodies continues to amaze her.

Nikki balances her RMT work with days in the classroom as a relief teacher, relieving across the years from Reception to Year 12. Being in the classroom is always a fascinating and enjoyable time assisting students and watching reflexes at work. Nikki is also fascinated in the transformative power of epigenetics and is a co-developer of ph360's Parenting360 Course.

In her play time, Nikki loves surfing, reading, pilates and running to keep her body feeling alive and moving and to keep life feeling manageable!

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Back to Birth: The Power of Primitive Reflexes to Rebuild Brain Foundations
The primitive reflex system provides the very first foundational layer of development in the brain. Without reflexive movement to trigger brain development, the brain would not develop at all. As this development progresses, the activity of primitive reflexes in the body diminishes to the point that primitive reflexes are considered “integrated.” However, what happens when this doesn’t happen as designed and primitive reflexes are instead retained? Growing amounts of research are identifying the links between reflex retention and a wide variety of motor, learning, cognitive, physical, emotional and postural challenges. This presentation examines some of the main primitive reflexes and explores what happens when the primitive reflex process is interrupted. How is it interrupted? How do these interruptions manifest? And, most importantly, what can be done therapeutically to continue and support the primitive reflex integration process.
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