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Debby Gould, BNursing, GraDipMidwif.

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Midwifery 2022
  • Country: Australia

Debby Gould is a ‘BirthCare’ consultant providing education, support and counsel to women, partners, families and health professionals. Her goal is to provide transformational care to support education, empowerment and healing. She is an author of the book, ‘How to Heal a Bad Birth – Making Sense, Making Peace & Moving On’ and Co- Director of Originally, a registered nurse she further trained and worked as a midwife, and is now a birth; educator, worker and counsellor, international author, speaker and mother of two children. For over twenty years she has supported women and men in the journey to healing after a traumatic birth, enabling women to make sense of their experience and its impact, offering hope for healing, and providing support and tools to process and make peace with what happened. She has shared in receiving the honour of a Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Community Achievement award for this work. Debby has been Birthtalk’s primary educator and facilitator of Healing From Birth meetings. She has presented for the ACM, Hypnobirthing Australia, Capers, Homebirth Australia, Australian Breastfeeding Association and various other maternal health and midwifery conferences. She guest lectures to Bachelor of Midwifery students at several Universities, and gives presentations for The Australian Doula College, Friends of the Birth Centre, Red Tent festival and other community groups. She also provides professional development for hospital midwives and doulas on the topic of Birth Trauma and how to support women to heal and have better births. She has co-written articles for Birthtalk’s blog “The Truth About Traumatic Birth” and has appeared in the media including radio, newspaper, birth and parenting magazines and podcasts and in the recent birth documentary ‘Birth Time’ as an experienced health professional’s voice to the issue of the importance of birth and traumatic birth.

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Exploring Paradigms Around Consent and Birth Trauma
Traditionally, an outcome focus has often been considered as the measure of ‘success’ in birth. When it comes to consent, that outcome tends to be ‘a live healthy baby’ and ‘the authority to do what is deemed desirable or necessary’. Considering an epidemic of birth trauma and the associations with the #metoo movement in birth, it is evident that this is not success for women and families. It is a narrow and damaging view that needs to be explored, understood, and changes made. The process of consent is valued, tangible, ethically and legally sanctioned, and provides key moments in care, to incorporate such change. A paradigm shift around consent is vital to address the experiences of assault and trauma in perinatal care. Conversation with families about consent is also a potential starting point to consciously address and intervene in damaging processes, and improve experiences, that could then be normalized and ripple out across all care delivery. Practical measures around consent and care processes will be explored with the aim to offer an intervention, when used consistently, to break the human mode of transmission of birth trauma, metaphorically, much like handwashing in our current pandemic.
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