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Infant Trauma: Impact on Breastfeeding

by Alison K. Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA, CST, RCST, PPNE
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 L-CERP
  • Handout: Yes

This presentation examines infant trauma and its adverse impact on breastfeeding. Dr. Hazelbaker begins by defining trauma then cites the various intrauterine, intrapartum and postpartum causes of trauma. She suggests prevention strategies and outlines ways to prevent and mitigate trauma including simple methods for resolving trauma easily employed by lactation consultants.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: The participant will be able to define infant trauma.
Objective 2: Then participant will be able to list five causes of trauma in utero.
Objective 3: The participant will be able to describe the adverse impact of trauma on breastfeeding.
Objective 4: The participant will be able to identify three strategies for mitigating infant trauma in the postpartum period.

Presentations: 5  |  Hours / CE Credits: 5  |  Viewing Time: 4 Weeks