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Michale Chatham, RN, BSN, LMT, IBCLC, OMT

  • Speaker Type: Tongue Tie Symposium 2021,
  • Country: U.S.A

Michale is an Integration visionary with a discerning view of the ancient and an eye on the future. She created one of the first on site integrated care clinics for Tongue Tie treatment 10 years ago that included Lactation support, Body nervous system and movement work, Laser tongue tie release and cranio-facial anticipatory growth guidance. She currently mentors Integrative practitioners in Wayfinding methods which allow practitioners to tap into their unique gifts and learn to incorporate them into practice.

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Trauma, Timing and Tenacity: Navigating Care When Frenectomy Doesn’t Help
The field of tongue-tie treatment is rapidly changing, and great strides have been made over the years to create sequencing of care to ensure predictable outcomes related to the achievement of optimal oral function after tongue-tie release. Despite this, there are times when a frenectomy does not seem to “work”, “help” or make a significant difference. This is frustrating for families and can leave health care professionals wondering what to do next. This presentation will discuss screening for trauma as a way to improve frenectomy success. Learn more about the impact of collective trauma on the infant’s nervous system and the importance of the timing of frenectomy along with the sequencing of pre, intra and post-op habilitative care to increase outcome success.
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