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Madeline Murray, CPM

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Midwifery 2020
  • Country: USA

Madeline Murray is a homebirth baby, homebirth turned hospital-transfer mom, midwife on a mission to make more midwives and bring the midwives model of care to more American families. Madeline’s passion project, Believe in Midwifery is designed to raise awareness among midwives and mothers about the perils of the on-call lifestyle and the changes in practice necessary for making midwifery careers more attainable for students and more sustainable for practicing midwives. Through writing, speaking engagements and personalized consultations Madeline hopes to encourage midwives to begin working with one another to reduce burnout and to become aware of their own unique needs to make their midwifery careers long lasting.

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Avoiding Burnout in Midwifery
The current culture of maternity care in the United States is at best lacking and at worst dangerous. With maternal mortality and postpartum depression rates at an all time high, unnecessary inductions and cesareans still incredibly common and breastfeeding rates staggeringly low, it’s time for a change. Midwifery care has been proven to improve almost all of those statistics but as it stands, there are not enough midwives to impact this kind of drastic change we need. The reason we don’t have enough midwives is because the rates of burnout in midwifery are so high. It’s time for midwives to join forces and begin taking care of themselves and each other to avoid burnout so that we can help more women have positive and empowering birth experiences and change the current culture of maternity care. This presentation will discuss why it’s so important to avoid burnout and give practical suggestions on how to avoid burnout both in midwifery education and midwifery practice.
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