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Mihaela Nita, MD, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2018
  • Country: Romania

Mihaela Nita- MD, IBCLC, medical doctor (since 2007), specialized in pediatrics and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (since 2011), worked mainly to develop the profession of IBCLC in Romania. Organizer of the first IBCLC Day in Romania, is the co-founder and president of Romanian Lactation Consultant Association, member of ELACTA. Active in the field of lactation, organizing conferences, events, support groups, 90 hours training courses, CERPs accredited courses, fundraising events. On behalf of the Romanian Lactation Consultant Association, Mihaela Nita started the first volunteer work in the country, in the NICU of Marie Curie Emergency Children Hospital in Bucharest that led to the idea of implementing a human milk bank. Mihaela is passionate about training, advocating for the IBCLCs role and making a change for mothers, society and medical system in the field of lactation.

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From Lactation Consultant to Human Milk Banking
Romania is one of the European countries with a very low breastfeeding rate. The emergence of IBCLCs in the past 2 decades helped in improving mothers access to lactation professionals. Starting from 2013 with the first celebration of IBCLC Day, conferences and courses, the awareness of a new profession raise. Although in Europe there are more than 200 human milk banks, Romania does not have one. The limitations in the process of implementing a human milk bank in the NICU, the gap of legislation, the support of the civic society and 2 cases are discussed in the presentation.
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