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United Arab Emirates

Evelyne N. Ruf, MD, Dipl. Fam. Med., IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2018, GOLD Lactation 2022
  • Country: United Arab Emirates

Dr Evelyne N. Ruf is a family physician (from France, 1992), and IBCLC (since 1993). Working in Sharjah, UAE, since 1998, she is presently the head of the Lactation clinic in a Ministry of Health facility. In 2001, she founded the first Lactation Clinic in the UAE at Sharjah MCH Center, with the support of volunteers from Breastfeeding Friends (BFF), the first mother-to-mother support group which she co-founded in 1999. Her workplace later became the first Baby-Friendly Health Center (2011), and the first recipient of the IBCLC Care Award for the community (2015). She has also been involved in the preparation of the Sharjah Baby-Friendly Emirate Campaign, a multi-sectorial initiative (2012-2015), for which she has been the Head of the Scientific Committee, as well as the main mentor for the practice in the Lactation clinic. She is a member of ILCA and ABM, and presented posters at several international/regional conferences.

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The Sharjah Baby-Friendly Campaign: A Community-Based Model for Breastfeeding Promotion, Protection and Support
Despite the recommendations and various initiatives to promote breastfeeding, most women don’t reach the exclusive breastfeeding target in both developed and developing countries. Similar has been the case in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore based on the decree by the ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE, a multi-sectorial, multi-directional breastfeeding campaign-the Sharjah Baby-Friendly Campaign- was launched in March 2012. It consisted of 4 initiatives namely Baby-Friendly Health Facility, Mother-Friendly Workplace, Breastfeeding-Friendly Nursery and Mother-Baby Friendly Public Place. Once an organization met the criteria for any of these initiatives it was awarded the designation or accreditation of that initiative. The campaign initiatives worked through capacity building of healthcare workers, developed breastfeeding education content and resources, and conducted community outreach through social media. The positive impact of the campaign on breastfeeding promotion, protection and support is evident by the tripled exclusive breastfeeding rate at 6 months over a 5 years period.
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Note: Currently only available through a bundled series of lectures
A Journey With COVID-19 Positive Mothers, Isolated Without Their Newborn
“Hello, the Lactation clinic? Here is a nurse from Primary Health Care; we have a mother engorged in the hotel, can you help her?”… After taking some time to understand this strange call, we embarked on a totally unexpected journey: trying to support 25 Covid-19 positive asymptomatic mothers, most of them isolated without their newborn. This happened between April and June 2020, in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, as a consequence of the initial USCDC recommendations. This presentation describes the intense practical, clinical and emotional support needed by these mothers to cope with their traumatizing situation, but also the silver lining of their resilience, the amazing power of peer support, and a new cooperation between health care providers from different facilities, and with lay supporters. Further insight is provided by some research done in the UAE: an observational study from a hospital who has followed WHO recommendations, and a cross-sectional study among mothers from the community. Lessons should be taken from the past, to prevent the repetition of decisions based on a distorted balance of benefit/risk, affecting so many families and their care providers globally.
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