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GOLD Learning Speakers

United States

Betsy Schwartz, CPD(DONA), MMHS, CTM

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Perinatal 2017
  • Country: United States

Betsy Schwartz is a pioneer and a visionary. She established Tenth Month Doula Services in 1994, the first of its kind in South Florida. She has trained hundreds of postpartum doulas. Betsy is a former CAPPA and DONA International Postpartum Doula trainer, and is an active member of both. She now offers online courses at BirthElearning. Betsy’s most recent accomplishment is the creation of Down the Canal –The Game of Birth. Betsy continues to pioneer in Citrus County Florida as a committee member of the Florida Healthy Babies Initiative. Betsy holds a master’s degree in management of human services. She is also a Reiki Master and a yoga enthusiast.

CE Library Presentation(s) Available Online:
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The Fun Factor: The Science Behind Fun and Play for Increased Learning
The purpose of this workshop is for participants to gain an understanding of the value of play for maximum retention of information. Participants will stimulate their happy chemicals, explore the brain on fun, engage in play, and discover their own learning style. There will be an opportunity to share ideas for games and activities for childbirth education, and to ask questions.