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  • Speaker Type: Tongue-Tie Symposium 2019
  • Country: India

Effath Yasmin is India's leading IBCLC & a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist from Mumbai, India. Her special interests lie in Infant Oral and Sucking Dysfunction, Tongue Tie - Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation. Yasmin sits on many international and national boards. she also spear-headed many projects from co-founding a professional organisation ICAP with a central mission of advocacy & to unite the multidisciplinary professionals working in the field of tongue ties world wide to producing an international documentary - Untying Breastfeeding which has been screened atleast in 100 cities in the world. She has dedicated her life to many projects to educate, protect, promote and support & restore Breastfeeding & other craniofacial development across life span. Her work has been published in the International Journals & textbook and writes extensively on print and digital media on the subjects of breastfeeding, parenting, health & wellness and tongue ties. She continues to strive to pursue her seminal work on link between tongue ties and depression. She has currently set up India’s First Lactation & Family Wellness Clinic with FULL-DAY Breastfeeding observation facilities in Mumbai.

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Rethinking Surgical Tools - Infant Frenotomy & Pain
Ankyloglossia (tongue tie) impacts and can impair normal oral function in infants leading to a myriad of complications with breastfeeding. Increased awareness of this impact has led to increased diagnosis and treatment of tongue tie through frenotomy/frenectomy. These procedures are typically completed using one of two tools: scissors or laser and sometimes cautery. While the methods are equally effective when completed by a competent practitioner, the blood coagulation of the surgical incision made by a laser is cited as an major advantage in laser surgeries along with great advantage of visibility at the surgical site by the surgeon. Therefore laser release is widely perceived as superior to scissors in the recent development in LASER FRENECTOMIES. There has been very little research that has been published on the post-procedural effects of surgical tool used. In her practice, the author has noted significant and consistent patterns in post-procedure pain, correlating to which tool is used for the release. This presentation attempts to highlight that it is critical we study the scale of pain experienced by infants post frenotomy in correlation to tool of surgery since Pain affects babies' nervous systems potentially changing the structure and physiology of the nervous system and be a cause of problems with sleep, feeding, and self-regulation. The Author will review specific data measurements that demonstrate these patterns, and present a theory for potential reasons of prefering one tool over the other for low risk Infant Frenotomies.
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