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Kirsten Small, PhD FRANZCOG

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Obstetrics 2020
  • Country: Australia

Kirsten is an Australian specialist obstetrician gynaecologist, with years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She is a member of the Griffith University Midwifery teaching team, focussing on anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and evidence-based practice. Kirsten has recently completed a PhD, focussing on the social effects of central fetal monitoring on the work of maternity clinicians. She is a member of the Transforming Maternity Care Collaborative and has ongoing research interests in fetal monitoring, supporting physiological labour and birth, inter-professional power in maternity care, and the social organisation of healthcare systems.

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Why is it so Hard to Align Clinical Practice with the Evidence About Cardiotocography Monitoring?
Quality research evidence demonstrates that intrapartum Cardiotocography monitoring in either low or high-risk populations fails to improve perinatal outcomes but drives harm by increasing the surgical birth rate. This evidence is not new, and obstetrics claims to be an evidence-based profession, yet there has been little interest or success in reducing the use of intrapartum CTG monitoring. This presentation draws on doctoral research which makes visible why it is so hard to align practice with evidence and challenges clinicians and leaders in our profession to rethink intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring.
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