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United States

Angela Bond, PhD, MS

  • Speaker Type: Human Milk Banking and Sharing Lecture Pack 2017
  • Country: United States

Dr. Bond is a trained laboratory and social scientist currently studying the social and public health impacts of shared human milk. Specific areas of interest include development of the microbiome of the infant, immunological responses from the parent and infant, impacts of non-parental human milk on development of the immune response and microbiome, and risk abatement practices by participants in private arrangement milk sharing. She has been specifically trained in health disparities sciences and engages in research with a perspective on social justice, gender equity, and health equity. As a Hawaiian and Cherokee heritage scholar, she has a particular passion for colonial impacts on infant care and feeding practices.

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Navigating the Knowns and Unknowns of Human Milk Sharing
In the absence of adequate banked donor human milk for distribution to all infants in need, many families choose to engage in the practice of Private Arrangement Milk Sharing (PAMS), partially facilitated through social media, to procure human milk for their infants. Evidence regarding the participant and infant characteristics, and risk abatement practices is limited. This presentation explores the state-of-the-science of PAMS, characteristics of recipient participants and infants, donor screening practices, and risk abatement strategies. Results are contextualized with a socioecological framework of factors affecting infant feeding practices. Influence of health care providers, lactation support, birth attendant, and sources sought during decision making and the impact of these influences on supporting families are discussed.
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