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Cheryl R. Scott, RN, PhD, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Perinatal 2015
  • Country: USA

Dr. Cheryl Scott, RN, IBCLC, RLC, has enjoyed working with breastfeeding dyads for 35 years in the field of maternal infant health. Cheryl’s role as a lactation consultant has spanned many professional venues: NICU and Postpartum Inpatient Lactation Consultant, investigative researcher for several human lactation research projects, published author, national speaker. She is the co-chairperson for Kaiser Lactation Associates (KALA) of northern California and assists with the development and maintenance of lactation support services for over 50 medical centers in northern California. Her clinical focus is to provide compassionate care and support while maintaining standards of excellence for breastfeeding families along the full health care spectrum. Dr. Scott and her sweetheart, Bill enjoy gardening with 8 green houses, and small animal husbandry at their small Sustainable Living Center located in Volcano, California.

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Implementing Skin to Skin in the Hospital, Oh My!
Skin to Skin for newborn infants in postpartum and the NICU is an essential hospital strategy with many proven benefits for the infant, mother and father, breastfeeding success and saves time for the health care professional while optimizing clinically evidenced based best practices. Skin to Skin safeguards the infant’s adaptation process from intrauterine to extra-uterine life, improves mother/father/infant bonding and attachment, improves milk supply and greatly enhances successful breastfeeding. Join us in learning the many benefits skin to skin and explore many common hospital barriers to skin to skin and the easy solutions to provide mothers and babies access to each other for successful breastfeeding, effective bonding, attachment, and aid in postpartum healing. Our seminar will provide the health care professional with tips for making your job easier as you assist the postpartum mother and infant. Learn evidenced based breastfeeding management skills that are supported by the infant’s inborn hormonal, reflexive and built-in navigation system.