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Maya Bolman, BA, BSN, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2015
  • Country: USA

Maya Bolman was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. Certified as IBCLC in 2001, she currently works as inpatient lactation consultant at Hillcrest Hospital Cleveland Clinic. Since 2009, she also works as lactation consultant in a large pediatric and breastfeeding medicine practice. In addition to that, Maya gives presentations and workshops in United States and in Europe. Maya became the IBLCE Country Coordinator (2009-2011) for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Latvia, and helped in preparation of 14 IBCLC candidates to pass the certification exam and become the first IBCLCs in their countries. Currently she is the Chair of ILCA Multicultural Committee. Maya lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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HANDling the Pain: The Role of Therapeutic Breast Massage in Lactation
Milk expression is common in the United States, but in the modern era it focuses on mechanical expression. In Russia, there has been a long tradition of hands-on techniques which encourages mothers to turn to specialists trained in hand expression and breast massage techniques to resolve breastfeeding complications including engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis.. Two main principles of therapeutic breast massage in lactation include mobilization of fluid with massage toward the axillae to facilitate lymph circulation and alternating gentle massage and hand expression to facilitate milk removal. These techniques provide a simple, readily accessible method that can be easily taught to mothers and lactation consultants. The purpose of this presentation is to enhance knowledge of techniques for relieving discomfort caused by engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis in lactating women. The latest research findings on the role of therapeutic breast massage for breastfeeding mothers will be presented.
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Presentations: 27  |  Hours / CE Credits: 25  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks
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