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Bethany Sasaki, RN, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2015
  • Country: USA

Bethany Sasaki is an advanced practice nurse, lactation consultant and the co-founder of Midtown Lactation Consultants (MiLC). Her nursing background includes pediatrics, women’s health, emergency/trauma nursing and clinical research. She is currently completing the nurse midwifery program at Frontier Nursing University. She plans to continue conducting breastfeeding research focusing on nipple wounds and breast infections. Bethany and her husband Brent live in Sacramento California, USA with their 5 year old son named Leo and 3 year old daughter named Piper.

CE Library Presentation(s) Available Online:
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Does Lanolin Use Increase the Risk of Infection in Breastfeeding Women?
Background: Use of lanolin has become a cultural norm while the evidence is conflicting on its safety and efficacy. Little to no evidence is available on the relationship between lanolin and infection. Methods: This is a feasibility study, using case control retrospective chart review, examining lanolin use and the development signs and symptoms of nipple or breast infection in breastfeeding mothers with nipple pain. Fungal infection versus bacterial infection was suspected according to the corresponding effective treatment. Results: Lanolin users were suspected to have a 62% infection rate, as compared to non-lanolin users at 18%, odds ratio 7.5 (2.4-23.4). Though not significant, fungal infection may have been more frequent than bacterial infection based on effective corresponding treatment. Conclusion: A randomized control trial is called for to determine if frequent lanolin use increases the risk of nipple or breast infection.