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Magda Karpienia, LLL, BA

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2015
  • Country: Poland

The only active LLL Leader in Poland, first after 20 years. Monthly has about 400 contacts from mothers who she helps via phone, mail, skype or in personal meetings. She helps mothers  not only in Poland but also Polish mothers abroad.  Author of many popular articles about breastfeeding.  She also leads breastfeeding workshops for doulas and meets with parents in childbirth classes. She supports mothers since 2008 and as a LLL Leader since 2011. She's a passionate with what she's doing. Personally, happy wife to Rafał and mother of 3 smiled children who she homeschools.

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Breastfeeding in Poland
Poland is a country in the middle of Europe. Although there is a rich history of breastfeeding in Poland, the statistic are poor right now. With 97% of mothers beginning breastfeeding after a labour, only 14% breastfeed after 6 months. Why does this happen? How does breastfeeding support and education look in this beautiful country? What are the common beliefs? What organization do we have and who helps mothers? These are the questions for which you will find answers in this presentation.