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Babies Cry to Communicate, Not to Manipulate... Non-Medical Reasons for Crying: An Anthropological Approach

by Katrien Nauwelaerts, IBCLC, BA, MA
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 L-CERP, 1 Dietetic CEU
  • Learning Format: Webinar
  • Handout: Yes
  • Origin: GOLD Learning

There is scientific research that says that breastfeeding duration shortens when parents experience their baby as a baby who cries a lot. There are all kinds of medical reasons why a baby is crying. Crying is a way of communication for a baby. It's a cry for help.

But what if there are no obvious medical reasons for a baby's crying behavior? This lecture explains sociological and anthropological factors that can influence crying behavior in babies.

Sometimes parents have false expectations about parenting and baby behavior. Sometimes cultural assumptions make parents believe they have a crying baby when they actually haven't. And some cultural or anthropological parameters can strengthen the crying behaviour in a baby. Learn more about normal newborn crying behaviour and how to help parents understand their newborn.

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain what is normal crying behavior in a baby.

2. List examples of how we can help parents to understand their baby.

3. Describe the tools we can provide to parents to learn how to respond to their crying baby.

Presentations: 1  |  Hours / CE Credits: 1  |  Viewing Time: 2 Weeks
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