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The Issues in the Pelvic Tissues and Some Possible Solutions

In celebration of International Day of the Midwife 2023, GOLD Learning is excited to welcome Midwife Fiona Hallinan as she shares her new presentation titled "The Issues in the Pelvic Tissues and Some Possible Solutions". Fiona has been a midwife for 34 years and is also a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, a birth educator and a bodyworker. Her drive to teach is fuelled by a desire to see childbearing women hold birth knowledge, learn to honour their pelvic treasures and work with their innate power.

The impact of the dynamics of the soft connective tissues of the pelvis on birth is often underestimated. In this presentation, Fiona shares her vast knowledge of the pelvic connective tissues and how tension held in this web of tissues can create challenges for the baby attempting to spiral through the mother's pelvic tunnel. Learn more about pelvic soft tissue anatomy, the difference between tension and tone and the impact of both, and techniques that are effective in addressing tension in the pelvic tissues. Join us for a free interactive hour of practice-changing education live on May 5th, 2023!

This lecture has applied for 1 ACM CPD Hour, 1 ACNM CEU and for 0.1 MEAC Midwifery CEU (equivalent to 1 NARM CEU).

Join us LIVE on Wednesday May 5, 2023 at 1pm PDT/ 4pm EDT / 6am AEDT / 8pm UTC for an exciting day of learning! Find out your local time here.

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Fiona Hallinan, RN, RM, MCHN
The Issues in the Pelvic Tissues and Some Possible Solutions
Australia Fiona Hallinan, RN, RM, MCHN

Fiona has been a midwife for 32 years. She is also a registered nurse and maternal & child health nurse, a birth educator and bodyworker. She has worked in Melbourne public and private birthing hospitals and has supported many families with the birth of their babies at home and in hospital. Interwoven throughout her midwifery practice has been an involvement in midwifery education and the teaching of Birthwork Workshops. The focus of all birth related teaching is on the dynamic pelvis and how to make space for the baby. Fiona is also a Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer. When not teaching workshops, Fiona offers bodywork sessions to women in a 1:1 capacity, with particular emphasis on internal pelvic release work. She has been instrumental in establishing the Internal Pelvic Release Work Mentoring Program in Australia. Fiona’s drive to teach is fuelled by a desire to see childbearing women hold birth knowledge, learn to honour their pelvic treasures and work with their innate power and in so doing, eradicate birth trauma. Fiona lives in Melbourne, Australia.

1. Describe pelvic connective tissues that can hold tension and influence the progress of birth
2. Explain the difference between tension and tone
3. List at least one technique that is effective in addressing tension in the pelvic tissues

Australia Fiona Hallinan, RN, RM, MCHN

The soft connective tissues of the pelvis are so underestimated in their potential impact on birth. The tension held in the web of pelvic tissues can be known or unknown and either way, can cause havoc when baby is attempting to spiral through mother’s pelvic tunnel. Where do these issues in the tissues come from and what can we do about them as carers at birth? How can we work with these soft tissue connections creatively to make space?

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