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United States

Nathan Riley, MD

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Obstetrics 2020, GOLD Midwifery 2021
  • Country: United States

Nathan Riley, MD, is an OBGYN and hospice physician in Louisville, KY. He also works remotely as a telehealth palliative care physician for Resolution Care. He is also the host of the Obgyno Wino Podcast (link to:, and, later this year, he will be launching a biodynamic wellness service to address the multitude of women's health issues for which Western medicine is not equipped to manage (link to: When he's not connecting with his patients, you can find him mountain biking, climbing, gardening, or tossing his daughter dangerously high in the air.

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How The Principles of Palliative Medicine Can Improve Your Obstetrics Practice
Principles of palliative medicine can benefit all medical disciplines, but none more so than obstetrics and gynecology. I will be discussing fundamentals of symptom management and helping to illustrate how patient-centered medical decision-making is of critical importance to birth work and the support of women in healthcare. Learn more about the principles of palliative medicine, a palliative approach to birth planning, a framework for breaking bad news and the importance of holding space.
Hours / CE Credits: (details)  |  Categories: Infant Loss, Palliative Care
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Note: Currently only available through a bundled series of lectures
Antenatal Fetal Surveillance Made Easy
Attendees will come to understand the underlying physiology behind antenatal surveillance methods, including non-stress testing, biophysical profiling, amniotic fluid assessment, and fetal Doppler velocimetry. Many pregnant families have difficulty understanding the nature of antenatal fetal surveillance, and have even more challenge deciphering the results. This lecture will help practitioners effectively counsel pregnant patients on result interpretation and provide tools to help families make educated decisions based on the antenatal fetal surveillance results.
Presentations: 13  |  Hours / CE Credits: 13.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks
Hours / CE Credits: 1 (details)  |  Categories: Monitoring