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Geradine Simkins

  • Speaker Type: 2020
  • Country: U.S.A

"Geradine Simkins" lifelong passion is midwifery. It has captivated every part of her body, mind and spirit. Her vision of midwifery integrated into the US maternity care system has continually driven her thinking and actions. For over 44 years she has made significant contributions to her community as a midwife clinician and preceptor, but also to the midwifery profession as a leader, spokesperson, author and activist. She has provided strong and effective leadership to professional midwifery organizations at the local, regional and national levels, and has also contributed on the international level. She is currently a member of the Michigan Board of Licensed Midwifery. Geradine is the author of a newly published book (2020), called The Midwife Matrix, Reclaiming Our Bodies, Our Births, Our Lives, and the editor/author of an anthology of memoirs by 25 diverse matriarch midwives, called Into These Hands, Wisdom From Midwives (2011). After four-and-a-half decades of service, Geradine is trying to step out of the midwifery world and into her garden more, and go sailing more, and play with her grandchildren more, but curiously, things keep calling her back in.

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The Midwife Matrix: Reclaiming Our Bodies, Our Births, Our Lives
In order to distill the knowledge contained in the life stories of diverse working midwives, as well as capture wisdom embedded in traditional midwifery principles and practices, lifelong midwife, Geradine Simkins, designed The Midwife Matrix™. The Midwife Matrix is rooted in a traditional system of holistic, nature-based, women-led healing. It is a source pattern—the Mother Plant—the seedbed of ancient healing acumen that nurtures modern midwifery philosophy and practice. The Midwife Matrix is encoded in 12 interconnected qualities that form a blueprint for a more humane maternity care model. The power of the Midwife Matrix is that people are in a respectful and reciprocal relationship with one another, in a synergistic exchange of giving and receiving. It is a personalized maternity care approach that is fundamentally different than modern obstetrics. It centers on the person and not the procedures, on quality of care rather than quantity of procedures or billable hours. In our contemporary world, this approach to healthcare has never been more important. The 12 essential qualities in The Midwife Matrix could revolutionize a healthcare system that is profoundly failing U.S. women and infants. It is a doable, replicable, sustainable healthcare model. It provides a template to improve patient outcomes, reduce stress for healthcare workers, ameliorate racial and ethnic disparities, increase patient safety, reduce costs, ensure equity, and increase satisfaction.
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