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Paul Golden, RM RN PGCE (teaching) Mediator, BA Law

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Midwifery 2020
  • Country: UK

Paul is a midwife working independently and in a variety of government hospitals in the UK, NZ, Australia, Asia etc. Paul trained in law and mediation. He lectures on midwifery, law, human rights in childbirth globally, including: Russia, China, India, Europe, etc. He is a neonatal intensive care nurse and provides newborn feeding support including tongue tie release (frenulotomy). He has a special interest in twins as he and his sons are identical twins. He has been working with birth for over thirty years and is now writing and film-making on global human rights and childbirth choices. He is focused on the next generations and womens choices. He has a daughter who is his greatest teacher.

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Mediation For Midwives & Families
Mediation is a peaceful way to resolve and prevent conflict. By drawing attention to options strategies and reframing the real issues parties can release stuckness to find positive ways of communicating. We can mediate for each other and ourselves through awareness & self care. Family conflict affects us all. Midwives have their own families at home and their familiar relationships at work. The families we care for may have their own conflicts. Mediation will bring mindfulness to being with ourselves with increased sense of calm. Midwives are often being all things to others and not finding time to be with themselves. Connecting to Mindfulness can bring mediation into our relationships and improved communications.
Presentations: 14  |  Hours / CE Credits: 14.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks