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Jenna Davis, DC

  • Speaker Type: Tongue-Tie Symposium 2020
  • Country: Canada

Dr. Jenna Davis is a Family Chiropractor and owns a highly successful family wellness multidisciplinary clinic, Acorn Family Health and Wellness Centre, in Oakville, Ontario. Dr. Davis has a focus on Preconception, Infertility, Pre- and Postnatal care, Pediatrics, Retained Primitive Reflexes, Infant TMJD and Women’s Health. Dr. Davis loves working with families in all stages and has a unique ability to educate her practice members so they feel heard, honoured and understand how chiropractic can improve their function and life. She has a passion for educating and is an avid lecturer both in and out of her office. Dr. Jenna Davis is a mother, author, entrepreneur, educator and is a sought after speaker internationally sharing information on many topics including the Power of Communication, Infertility, Pediatrics, Retained Primitive Reflexes, Infant TMJD, TOTs (Tethered Oral Tissues), Team Approach to Health and Wellness, and Women’s Health. Dr. Davis created a technique in 2016, the P.I.P.S. Technique (Pediatric Intraoral Palate Specific Technique) specifically to assist with Infant TMJD, Sphenoid Fault, Tongue-tie, Lip-tie, Dural Tension and Oral Motor and Oral Sensory Challenges. Dr. Davis has develooped a unique approach to combine sensory, motor, developmental and function into the care and approach to her practice members. Dr. Davis is also the creator of Baby Boom Creations, a company that develops and provides products to assist patients and practitioners in office and at home. Dr. Davis has been a featured speaker on many stages in Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK. She prides herself on her continual quest for the newest information and research and is a life long learner. Dr. Davis has done extensive postgraduate work and continues to expand and grow her knowledge base and resource team to give the best care possible to her practice members and the audiences she has the honour to present to.

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From Head to Toe It's All Connected: Pediatric TMJD, Tongue Tie, and Chiropractic Care
Every day in practice Dr. Jenna Davis witnesses how TOTs and Pediatric TMJD, when not addressed, may lead to postural changes, mouth breathing, and may impact craniofacial growth, posture, spinal alignment, development and lead to overall compensation. Ankylofrenula and associated tension is rarely a solitary issue. In this session, we will discuss how these infants may present, the examination process, discuss intraoral work including the PIPS (Pediatric Intraoral Palate Specific) Technique, assessment protocols, and Chiropractic Bodywork. Dr. Jenna will demonstrate other incredibly important exercises parents can add at home to assist with the tension and lack of function often associated with ankylofrenula and TMJD. Learning to assess intraorally is critical for long term improvement at all ages. In this session Dr. Davis will discuss intraoral, palate, and cranial to sacrum assessments and chiropractic adjustments (chiropractic bodywork) that can be done to assist with changes related to Tongue Tie, Pediatric TMJD and associated dural tension. Finally strategies for communication about bodywork, your findings and recommended strategies will be shared to maximize and strengthen your relationship with patients/families, professionals you may co-manage this special population with and your community.
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