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Stephanie Anne Berry, Clinical Herbalist, LM, CPM

  • Speaker Type: 2019
  • Country: USA

Stephanie Anne Berry, Clinical Herbalist, LM, CPM is a clinical herbalist and midwife. Her primary focus is to help women reclaim their health and reconnect to their bodies in every stage of the pregnancy journey. She teaches and consults with women about fertility and holistic health in pregnancy. After training with local herbalists, Aviva Romm, and Susun Weed, Stephanie has 10+ years sharing herbal medicine with women and children. After herb school, she trained as a midwife in order to elevate and introduce holistic medicine to new families. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the allopathic model and nature-based medicine. She co-founded CALYX Wellness Studio, a collaborative healing space for professionals, to share resources and work as a team to offer integrative care plans from a multi-modality perspective. Her herb and midwifery practice is active, vital, and ever-growing to find new ways to support health now and for future generations.

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Using Herbs in Pregnancy from a Constitutional Model
Midwives have the unique experience of continuous and regular care for 6-10 months of a woman's life. We become a trusted resource and a fountain of knowledge for emerging parents. Midwives often pride themselves in low intervention and “natural” ways of healing and promoting physiologic birth. Herbal medicine is a large part of this work. Using supportive and holistic remedies, like plant-based teas, tinctures and food choices, midwives can direct clients to prevention and early “treatment” of minor illness and common complaints of pregnancy. Unfortunately, many midwives have limited knowledge of why certain herbs are used, why they work, or when to properly apply the herbs. In my discussion, you will gain a basic foundation of what constitutional herbalism is and why certain herbs affect a body process or body system and learn how to ‘naturally’ apply our knowledge of commonly used/referred to herbs and supplements.
Presentations: 5  |  Hours / CE Credits: 5  |  Viewing Time: 5 Weeks
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