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Why Not Home - Jessicca Moore, MSN, FNP-C

  • Speaker Type: Why Not Home
  • Country: USA

Jessicca Moore, MSN, FNP-C holds a Masters of Science in Nursing from UCLA. She is a practicing NP and a filmmaker in Petaluma, CA. Beyond her clinical practice, she has always been interested in how we perceive risk and specifically how history, culture, and personal values inform our decision making. She became interested in filmmaking when the intersection of her personal and professional worlds gave her a story she had to tell. Her path to motherhood started with a high tech conception through IVF and culminated in a low tech birth at home. She tells the previously untold story of hospital birth providers who chose to give birth at home in her first film, "Why not Home?"

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Why Not Home - The Surprising Birth Choices of Doctors and Nurses
Have you ever wondered about home birth? What drives some families to pursue it, often at great personal expense and social risk? Mention home birth to a stranger on the street and you’ll likely get a reaction. In a time when we have more access to technology and healthcare than ever before, maternal mortality rates are rising. So too are C-section rates. At the same time there is a growing push by some to avoid the hospital altogether. Is this a misdirected are rising in the US as maternal mortality reaches Why would doctors who attend birth in hospitals choose to have their own babies at home? Join Jessicca Moore, filmmaker and nurse practitioner, on a compelling journey through maternity care in the United States. Told through the lens of doctors, nurses, and midwives, Why Not Home? examines the latest evidence on risks and rewards of different birth settings. The film presents a balanced and accessible view on the latest research, along with moving personal stories of medical practitioners faced with big decisions for their own growing families. Viewers are challenged to move beyond preconceived ideas, and to envision a fresh future for maternity care in America.
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