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Caroline Kruger, LLM, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2014
  • Country: Netherlands

Caroline Kruger read notarial civil law at Groningen University (NL) and worked in Rotterdam (NL) for one of the biggest law firms of The Netherlands, practicing family law and estate planning for close to ten years. Then she started a family. Her own journey in breastfeeding led her to read up on breastfeeding a lot. She began the VBN training for peer-to-peer breastfeeding counseling and also volunteered at a local hospital. She went to Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent (BEL) to follow lectures by Gonneke Veldhuizen-Staas (amongst others). She then assisted the start up of the only milk bank in The Netherlands (while still in Rotterdam). After the milk bank moved to Amsterdam, she started her private practice Nultien Borstvoeding.

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Concept of Antifragility applied to breastfeeding, milk production and breastfeeding counseling
Taleb introduces the concept of Antifragility in his 2012 book. This presentation applies this concept to breastfeeding, counseling and research. Antifragile are systems that evolve and improve after crises instead of breaking. Breastfeeding has survived evolution and is therefor antifragile. What interferes with breastfeeding’s antifragility and makes it robust or less than robust: fragile (at a population level and at the level of N=1)
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