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Dan Hanson, DC, BDS (Dentistry), MBIBH (Buteyko Institute)

  • Speaker Type: Tongue-Tie Symposium 2018
  • Country: Australia

Dr Dan Hanson is a dentist (BDS) and Buteyko breathing educator (MBIBH) who since 2011 has limited his practice to early interceptive treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, breathing dysfunction and malocclusion. Since 2014 his focus has been laser frenectomy procedures to help infants and toddlers to sleep, breathe, feed and grow properly through correction of oral function. His treatments in his various locations include correction of tongue and lip restrictions for all ages including children and adults, as well as myofunctional orthodontics. 

Working in a team with a collaborative approach to maximize health gains is a key feature of his philosophy of care. 

Dr Dan has lectured to professional audiences on a regular basis since 2012, with locations including London, Lyon, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Auckland. His topics include Tongue Tie as well as craniofacial growth and development. 

Practicing from a variety of clinics including Gold Coast (Holistic Dental Care), Brisbane (Enhance Dentistry) and Melbourne (Myofocus), his mission is to make these vital treatments accessible to as many people as possible. To help with this goal he is co‐founder of The Tongue Tie Institute – an educational organization focused on sharing valuable information about diagnosis and management of oral restrictions.

Outside his career as a dentist and breathing educator, Dr Dan has a passion for self‐ awareness and is involved in "Men's Work". Co--‐facilitator of men's groups on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, he enjoys running workshops to help people connect and grow emotionally. He has been married to Rachel since 2007 and enjoys spending time in nature, including kite‐surfing and hiking.

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The Tongue is for Life: Oral Restrictions and their Impact on Breastfeeding and Throughout the Lifetime
It is widely accepted that the teeth and jaws are at the mercy of the muscles of the lips, cheeks, and tongue, and that soft tissue dysfunction, or aberrant swallowing (and breathing) patterns are the major cause of malocclusion. Therefore, any factor leading to either soft tissue dysfunction or breathing dysfunction may therefore lead to malocclusion. Tongue Tie is just one of those factors. Essentially, the introduction of anything leading to aberrant swallowing patterns, poor posture, or dysfunctional breathing such as mouth breathing which also affects tongue posture will impact upon the incidence of malocclusion. This has implications for breastfeeding as well as throughout the lifetime due to the variety of compensations that may occur, either by the mother, or the infant, or both. Infant muscular compensations will have a knock-on effect throughout life. This presentation will look at how the tongue shapes oral and maxillofacial development and how tongue dysfunction not only affects breastfeeding, but also contributes to many challenges beyond infancy.
Hours / CE Credits: 1 (details)  |  Categories: (IBCLC) Infant, (IBCLC) Infant, Breastfeeding the Tongue Tied Infant