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United States

Nell Tharpe, MS, CNM, FACNM

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Midwifery 2018, GOLD Perinatal 2018
  • Country: United States

Nell Tharpe, MS, CNM, FACNM is an independent Perinatal Consultant committed to optimizing Physiologic transitions as the basis of quality health care. Nell became a Certified Nurse-­‐Midwife in 1986 and has been actively involved in women’s health care since 1977. She has been a childbirth educator, a birth photographer, a labor and birth nurse, a midwife, and a maternal child health consultant in public health. Nell’s passion is bridging the gap between clinical practice and emerging evidence, with a focus on quality improvement. Nell currently teaches and writes about midwifery and application of the evidence as a means to foster the highest quality birth and women’s health care across practice settings.

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Suturing Skills for Midwifery Practice
While most midwives are diligent about maintaining pelvic floor integrity during birth, genital tract trauma occurs in up to 70% of women during vaginal birth. Birthing women expect midwives to be skilled and confident in their ability to perform perineal repair. This complex skill set requires multiple learning opportunities to develop both competence and the ability to suture with confidence. Perineal repair skills require manual dexterity and the ability to visually identify and approximate anatomic structures. The ability to perform an effective wound closure requires midwives actively master the skills required for systematic wound evaluation and anatomic re-­‐approximation of tissues. Supportive mentoring and intentional self-­‐directed practice are critical to the learning process. This session focuses on the equipment, supplies, and technical skills used during suturing of the pelvic floor after birth, and recommendations for simulation and practice.
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Physiologic Birth and Social Determinants of Health
Birth has evolved over millennia to support the continuation of the species. In this talk we'll explore how the physiology of birth can contribute to reciprocal social connection, development of a dynamic intestinal biome, and nurturing parenting. These factors can affect short and long term physical and social health, and contribute to resilience in the face of disease, conflict, and trauma. Birth and perinatal professionals are uniquely positioned to support families during pregnancy and birth in ways that can have a positive effect on future parenting, child health, and lifelong health outcomes. We'll address how to build a culture of caring and implement current evidence and best practice recommendations using quality improvement methodology.
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