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Dr. Nathalie Charpak, MD

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Neonatal 2017
  • Country: Colombia

Dr Nathalie Charpak is currently the scientific coordinator and an attending paediatrician at the Kangaroo Mother Care program of the San Ignacio University Hospital. In addition, she is a founding member, senior researcher and director of the “Fundacion Canguro” in Bogotá, Colombia since 1994. Dr Charpak received her M.D. from the “Paris Sud” University and her paediatrician diploma from “Rene Descartes” University in Paris, France. She migrated in 1986 to Colombia where she validated her title as Paediatrician and begin in 1989 to work on the evaluation of the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) program. She is now a Colombian citizen. With several colleagues she founded in 1994 the “Fundacion Canguro” in Bogotá, an NGO devoted to research, teaching, training and direct medical care related to KMC method for premature infants that besides conducting large clinical trials on KMC has been actively disseminating the method mainly in low and middle income countries in Latin America, South East Asia, India, Africa and Eastern Europe. In 1996 in Trieste Italy she was among the group of international researchers, physicians and nurses who founded the International Kangaroo Network -INK- an international alliance devoted to collaborating, enhancing and disseminating the KMC method. Dr Charpak continues to work as an attending paediatrician in the KMC program and his current research interest is in integrative methods for summarizing and putting into action what is known about KMC in the form of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. She is also recently involved as coordinator in conducting evaluations of long term (adolescents and young adults) neurodevelopment outcomes in preterm infants exposed or not exposed to KMC during the neonatal period.

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Kangaroo Mother Care Now and Then: 30 Years of KMC Clinical and Research Experience in a Developing Country
The Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) Method is primarily targeting the preterm and/or LBW infants once they are stabilized and adapted to extra-uterine life. KMC has three mayor components: kangaroo position (KP) or direct skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the baby; the kangaroo nutrition (KN) based on exclusive breastfeeding and the kangaroo discharge policies: early discharge in KP at home or in a KMC ward under strict follow up. KMC is a tool for humanization at all levels of neonatal care. There is sound scientific evidence for the effectiveness and safety of KMC in terms of mortality, early infectious morbidity, development, promotion and maintenance of breastfeeding. Also, there is evidence for the beneficial effects of KMC on establishing healthy bonding between mothers and infants. Many health professionals consider KMC as a means of protecting the immature brain when it is the most fragile and the results of our long term follow up are supporting this hypothesis.
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