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United States

Marion Rice, Ed.D., IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: Human Milk Banking and Sharing Lecture Pack 2017
  • Country: United States

Dr. Rice has been working at the intersection of education and health for social justice and public good. She is the former Executive Director of the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon. Currently, Dr. Rice works on organizational development, communication, marketing, public policy and community engagement to advance health equity through access to donor human milk. A national thought leader, she is deeply engaged in convening conversations about the importance of maintaining women’s biological integrity, advancing feminist approaches to human milk banking and at the same time, encouraging capacity building for human milk derived therapies improving health outcomes for the most vulnerable babies.

Most recently Dr. Rice provided consulting as a Policy Associate with Mothers' Milk Bank of San Jose and has provided strategy and policy consulting for the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). Marion holds a doctorate in Education Leadership and is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC.

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Biological Integrity- Ethics and Control Over Human Milk
This session will look at how for profit corporations are seeking to aggregate, control and exploit human milk. In the absence of federal health policy and consumer regulation/protection, companies are emerging seeking to build commercial markets for human milk often under the guise of improving the economic status of women and infant health. We will examine companies currently paying for milk both domestically and internationally and the implications for women and emerging policy both at the federal and state level. Entities setting a price for human milk in the absence of supportive public policy may in fact undermine women’s biological integrity, infant health and contribute to the vulnerability of women and babies. I will ask participants to consider the issues and to support models of community engagement and decision making that are women centered and women led that keep this biologically critical substance within the community from where it comes; supporting breastfeeding and benefiting women and babies.
Presentations: 6  |  Hours / CE Credits: 6  |  Viewing Time: 4 Weeks