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Heidi Lam, B.So.Sci, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2017
  • Country: HK

Heidi Lam is a private practice IBCLC and La Leche League Leader in Hong Kong. She tandem nurse her two daughters and have more then 8 years of breastfeeding experience. She was accredited as La Leche League Leader in 2009. In 2010, to she was awarded the Trudi Szallasi Memorial Scholarship from to complete a one year course on lactation medicine. In 2011, she was qualified as International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Her job focus mainly on home visits to clients and running breastfeeding classes. Heidi is also active in promoting breastfeeding and was often interviewed by parenting magazines and other media in Hong Kong. Heidi was a Hong Kong delegate to spoke at the International Lactation Conference 2010 in Malaysia. She also speaks regularly at local breastfeeding support groups.

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Breastfeeding in Hong Kong and traditional Chinese wisdom on confinement practices
Breastfeeding rates upon discharge is rising in Hong Kong over the past 20 years. Breastfeeding has become more of a topic than ever before. However, it is still very common to have early introduction of formula and exclusive breastfeeding rate is still low. Most private hospitals do not allow 24 hours room in. Many mothers need to go back to work when the baby is only six weeks old. In Hong Kong, it is very common to practice a confinement period after birth. This traditional Chinese wisdom has many benefits for the mothers and babies. Mothers of other cultures can also make use of some of the practices to benefit themselves.
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