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GOLD Learning Speakers


Jacek Debiec, MD, PhD

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Perinatal 2016
  • Country: USA

Jacek Debiec is a Child & Adolescent and Perinatal Psychiatrist, and a Developmental Neuroscientist. He received his MD/PhD from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland and completed his Psychiatry Residency, Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, as well as Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at New York University, New York. His research interests include early life emotional learning with a special focus on infant attachment and fear learning. Dr. Debiec’s research findings have been published in top scientific journals. He received recognition especially for his work on memory reconsolidation and mother-to-infant transfer of fear and anxiety. Dr. Debiec lectures nationally and internationally and is a recipient of several awards and honors, including Fulbright Fellowship, Herder Fellowship, Neil Miller New Investigator Award from Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, Donald F. Klein Early Career Investigator Award from Anxiety & Depression Association of America and other.

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The Neurobiology of Attachment and Fear Learning in Infancy
A child learns what is safe and what is threatening from the caregiver. Yet, what is safe and what is dangerous changes during development suggesting that the supporting learning neural circuitry must also change. For instance, young children might perceive separation from the caregiver as a potential threat and proximity to the caregiver as safety. This requires an involvement of a learning system encoding the characteristics of the caregiver and evoking approach responses to a caregiver, while absence of caregiver cues might be perceived as a threat. With maturation, a child acquires an ability to leave the caregiver for brief periods of time and the presence of a more complex system able to identify environmental dangers is required. This lecture will discuss recent studies in developmental neurobiology providing insight into the brain mechanisms of safety and fear learning in infancy and their implications for health and disease.
Presentations: 20  |  Hours / CE Credits: 20.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks