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Sharon Wells, MS, CPM-TN

  • Speaker Type: MANA
  • Country: USA

Sharon Wells, MS, CPM-TN, is a homebirth mother of two wonderful daughters, a grandmother who has had the privilege of being the midwife for 2 granddaughters, a midwife for 35 years, and an educator for 55 years. Sharon is one of the founding mothers of the North Florida School of Midwifery. Lobbied in 3 states for midwifery legislation...Florida, New York, and Tennessee. She is one of the founding mothers of the Midwives Alliance of New York (MANY) and a member (from MANA) of the Carnegie Think Tank on Midwifery Education in The US called the Inter-Organizational Work Group (IWG). She is one of the founding mothers of the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) certification process and was employed in the NARM Applications Office for 10 years. Sharon is currently a practicing midwife at The Farm Midwifery Center (20 years). She is one of the founding mothers of The College of Traditional Midwifery (CTM).

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The Game of Rubrics: Leveling The Playing Field for Preceptors and Students
Set the ground rules for the open discussion. Talk about confidentiality, shared respect, focusing on one’s own cultural experience, attitudes and beliefs. Discuss the guidelines for talking about their frustrations in a Non Violent Way, culturally safe way. Allow each person to discuss their issues and frustrations as a preceptor or a student around signing off for skills and clinical experience, while fostering clear, value free, open and respectful communication Using power point presentation to discuss lack of a common language to describe competency and how can we change this dynamic.
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