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Indra Lucero, Esq

  • Speaker Type: MANA
  • Country: USA

Indra Lusero, Esq., is the President and founder of the Birth Rights Bar Association and the director of Elephant Circle, where they work as an organizer, trainer, and lawyer practicing family formation and regulatory law. Indra went to law school after attending a MANA conference in 2005 where folks lamented not having a "hot shot team of lawyers" who could help defend midwives. Indra has endeavored to become just such a lawyer. Indra’s law review articles "Challenging Hospital VBAC Bans Through Tort Liability" and "Making the Midwife Impossible: How the Structure of Maternity Care Harms the Practice of Home Birth Midwifery" are published in the William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law and the Women’s Rights Law Reporter respectively. Indra is honored to have been named "All Around Reproductive Justice Champion" in 2013 by the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights. Indra is a genderqueer Latin@ parent with a diverse family of people from all over the world

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How to Pass Go in the Game of Midwifery
Session explores the concepts of equity and equality: Internalized, interpersonal, institutional and structural oppression Social determinants of health, health disparities, and health inequities Antitrust law and how it impacts health care Open Records requests, explorations of state and federal agencies. Increase your confidence and get involved!
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