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Kimarie Bugg, MSN, FNP, MPH, IBCLC, CLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2016
  • Country: USA

Kimarie Bugg, MSN, MPH, CLC, is Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) and Change Leader of Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere Inc. (ROSE), a nonprofit corporation developed to address breastfeeding disparities in the African American community. ROSE’s mission is to train healthcare providers and community organizations to provide culturally appropriate encouragement, support and clinical care so that African American mothers will breastfeed at higher rates and sustain their breastfeeding experience to match the goals expected by the Surgeon General of the United States. Kim has worked in a pediatric emergency clinic, special care nursery and has been a bedside breastfeeding counselor in a large metropolitan hospital, managed perinatal and breastfeeding programs at the state level. Kim has served as a technical advisor to Best Start, as well as for the US Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative. Kim was a founding member and officer of Georgia breastfeeding task force (coalition) and SELCA. Kim wastrained at Wellstart International and has traveled throughout the United States and several foreign countries training healthcare professionals and community healthworkers to manage lactation.

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Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE)
Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE) is a member network that was founded to address breastfeeding disparities among people of color nationwide through culturally competent training, education, advocacy, and support. This presentation will explore the barriers to breastfeeding faced by African American families, and delve into how ROSE addresses these barriers through a multisystem approach.
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